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SurfSup is an online store “one stop shop” – from outdoors and water sport equipment to apparel and accessories. Born in Muscat, Oman with the motto “Life is a beach”, SurfSup’s passion is to share stand-up paddling in the Region.


We were approached by SurfSup’s owner and managing director Tarek Zaki to re-design and develop his online web store for the new collection of surfboards and water sports apparel. Part of the process was to use an existing brand identity from SurfSup’s previous incarnation to develop the new brand’s online store into something tangible, attractive and functional.


A large part of the site design was structured around the story of the conception of the brand’s products, utilising a combination of high quality imagery, informative video content to try and drive sales of the products and increase awareness of SurfSup. This worked hand in hand with a clearly defined user journey that would allow potential customers a chance to get to know the products, before approaching the eCommerce side of the site. The site overall represents the sporty and adventure feel of the products that it markets, with clean lines, high quality impactful imagery and a simple, dignified user journey that is not only fit for purpose, but is a testament to the passion shown by the brand for water-sports and outdoor activities.

We have worked with SurfSup over a number of projects over the years, from overnight brochure and flyer designs for events to more complex tasks as simplifying and making the online visitor journey more user friendly and we look forward to many more projects ahead.

Take a look at their website here.

Simplifying the user experience and directly improving conversions