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The brief was to create a corporate identity (logo, business cards, branding) and a new website for The Dream Resort Wellness & Spa which would illustrate quality, sophistication and a deluxe experience. It was essential that the website had an enhanced ‘Book Now’ button so that it was easy for the user to book a villa at the resort. The website also needed to communicate their current brand and have a clear navigation for the user.

Simple and elegant responsive web design to match the brand’s luxury…

We felt it was important that the website conveys a solid understanding of the client and what makes them different from other hotels in Palawan. As the “Book Now” section was a major concern for our client, we decided that it was important to have a booking bar locked under the header. We wanted to avoid having the booking bar in a left or right column as this distracts the user from the website’s core content. We felt that our solution would satisfy the need to have a prominent booking section but would also not damage the website’s design or content. The design of the website was meticulously thought out as it was essential that the website oozed style and luxury. Therefore, we carefully choose the typography and allowed adequate space between sections mimicking the resort environment online. Research also showed that stunning photography could tip a casual visitor to becoming a online shopper, and so we focused on maintaining the highest standards. During development, we made sure that it highlighted the hotel’s boutique image with some subtle animations on hovering and that the booking process was seamless.

Alongside the web development and the design work, the owners of The Dream Resort Wellness & Spa gave us the task to create and manage their social media accounts pre-opening and post-opening of their luxury boutique resort. We created their social media profiles while keeping with the resort’s specific guidelines and giving a consistent feel as the website and the artwork.