Curious George

There once was a boy called George, much like the bedtime story he was a curious one. He picked his brain studying marketing, helped grow a frozen yogurt startup, dabbed in trading, but found his thirst for curiosity quenched in advertising.

Coming from a home that was full of Greek and Japanese traditions and having lived across 4 continents exposed George to various cultural perspectives. Combining his cultural understanding with his wide work exposure, and a wide knowledge base meant he is pretty nifty when looking at the big picture, but he's also pretty good at getting between the weeds. He learned the ins and outs of shopper marketing at Geometry Global and Ogilvy Action in Dubai and took a swing by TBWA/RAAD in Dubai but found his passion lead him to Grey Shopper in London where he worked for giants such as, Yoplait, Braun, Häagen-Dazs and whatever else was tossed his way.

However, curious George loved the view at the top but the work was just not meaningful enough. And so the idea grew to create work for the underdog, the little guy, that small business owner that can't afford huge agency bills and just can't compete anymore with global giants. This is where Tru-Stories starts its story and you begin yours...

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Georgios Dedoussis

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Gamified solution design
Shopper marketing planning for SM&E's
Graphic design
Strategic planning
Nada Issa our Co-Founder

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EMEA copywriting and creative localisation
Thought leadership content strategy
Creative conceptualisation
Client relationship management


Like many Lebanese, a trilingual speaker of French, English and Arabic she excels client management and public relation nightmares.

Nada followed her passion of advertising and PR around the world from Sydney to Dubai to London, working for some of the most prestigious accounts in fashion, retail, food and beverage, and high-end jewellery. She now follows her passion on another adventure, bringing her experience to the table at Tru-Stories.

Nada spearheads our community service work, looking for clients that could use a little Tru-Stories help. Her love for our furry friends, dogs, cats, and all animals on the endangered list have us always busy.

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