Dedicated Manager

Our top priority is boosting visibility and customer and client engagement for your social media. Timing is essential, brands need to say the right message at the right time to the right audience; moreover they need to look the part. Fostering relationships is integral in building your online community the right way, that's why we dedicate a full-time professional social media manager to do this everyday at the right time, when your audience is paying the most attention.

We craft your story to fit seamlessly across the most valuable of platforms for your particular brand. Using our knowledge and experience to maximise your social media reach, while also thinking through how this dovetails with the rest of your marketing strategy. We help transform your company into a story-driven brand with social streams full of engaging videos, stunning imagery and graphics, surprising your customers and keeping your brand in their hearts and minds.

We specialize in creating high quality, targeted content that surprises, engages, and connects with audiences.

Social media posting

We work together with you to make sure that your brand's story comes to life consistently. Making sure the tone of voice, content offering, targeting and platforms all work in sync in building your online presence. Our experienced team will work with you to create specially designed campaigns that utilizes cunning influencer tactics to create promotional, educational, and engaging posts that capitalize on influencer reach while keeping costs low.

We design social micro-content and long-form content strategies that bring out your true story by people your audience listens to.

Reputation Monitoring

When your brand is online you have to watch your reputation in terms of what the public, media and trade are saying about you before things get out of hand. That's why your dedicated social media manager will be monitoring your social media channels and relevant customer review sites on a daily basis for any positive or negative reviews and respond accordingly. On top of that, we will also monitor your social media for trending topics and hashtags related to your business.

Our services are designed to provide true solutions for your business.

Engaging and growing your channel

Building a community around your brand, takes a lot of creative thinking and responsiveness, getting it right requires authenticity, but when done right can become one of the most powerful advocacy tools possible. Your social media manager will help orchestrate online and offline communities, harnessing the power of fandom and turning it into a powerful marketing tool.

Content is still king. That's why your social media manager will work everyday to understand what makes your audience click, what gets under their skin by connecting the dots.

We make sure your story resonates with the right fans, followers and friends, and drives your shares and engagement skywards.

Promotion Creation & Management

Keeping things short, simple and snappy is the only way to garner attention online and induce likes and shares. Need to bring some buzz to your brand? We design sweepstakes and contests that create excitement online.

Your social media manager will work closely with you to plan, design, implement and run a bespoke promotion that goes hand in hand with your business goals. We generate campaign ideas, present them to you for approval, and then run the campaign from start to finish.

Everyone loves a prize, so its win win for all.

Bespoke Watermarked Imagery

Bespoke watermarked imagery is an excellent way to add a little relevance to your brand. Everyone embraces a familiar face much like they do brands and images. When we use stunning imagery to tell your story, we make sure to add your logo as a watermark on the image to solidify that connection to your brand. Your social media manager will create these images to help your brand increase "virality" and brand awareness when your posts get “shared or liked.”

Don't overlook the opportunity to express your unique character and professionalism and establish that emotional connection with your audience, through our bespoke watermarked imagery.


Our eyes naturally focus on the top right when reading, right where your cover photo sits on your social media profiles. In a world where people respond better to visual information than plain text, we design high quality cover photos to really surprise and stand out. This area right at the top of your profiles is a huge piece of valuable real estate that can help your brand look professional and consistent throughout all of your social media channels.
Let's get those likes and shares with our expertly-crafted cover photos.