Consumers use, shoppers buy. We help brands understand how they can matter in-store, where 70% of brand selections are made. We complement the 'passive" awareness and preference building of our other services and help you focus on the 'active" purchase decision-making of your shopper. 

By creating ideas that change behaviour at the moment of purchase, we help you efficiently target shoppers by making your brand essential at the crucial moment. We re-frame your value, not through price, but through trust, quality and familiarity, minimizing the inevitable trade-offs shoppers will have to make.

We believe in the power of commercially creative thinking, and with the combination of real-world insights, category-leading ideas and inspiring creative delivery, we ensure you become essential to shoppers at the moment of purchase.


We bring your story to life through interactive experiences that get your audience to act, connect, and push all the right buttons. We start by asking "why" and developing an activation model through a multichannel approach by utilizing social, pr, digital; all our guns to foster engagement and emotion that creates face-to-face engagement with your audience and sells.

Whatever your goal is, to move products, sign up new customers, or gaining donations or fundraising for your cause, we create brand activations that inspire your consumers to act. We help your consumers watch your video and then click your offer, share a selfie with your mascot and hashtag the picture on Instagram, we help you build human intimacy with your audience.



At Tru-Stories we understand budgets can get in the way of sharing your story. That's why we focus your marketing budget efficiently and effectively by understanding your shopper's path to purchase and exploring where the greatest opportunities for you exist. Maximizing your spend where it creates the most action and value for your brand.

As purchase decisions become more complex it can be hard to voice your story everywhere. We study shopper behaviour in-store and offline; map out their purchase decision journey; arm ourselves with valuable retailer, brand and, shopper insight; and deliver a shopper marketing plan that identifies where you can efficiently and effectively share your story. By tailoring your messaging according to your shopper's mindset as they move down the purchase decision journey, we are able to create more value for you when it counts the most, at the tilt.

We create stories that engage shoppers, getting your brand on the tilt receipt.


We are passionate about designing creative campaigns that engage shoppers in-store and offline. We are well-versed in designing creative strategies and dedicate the time to understand your shopper, your retail environment, and your brand and how they interact at the "sweet spot". We create our big idea around this "sweet spot", making sure a seamless link is created between strategy and creative.

We use insight-led creative and brand experiences to engage with the right people and change what they think about your brand. Our ideas are human centric and provide real solutions and value by connecting, inspiring, being talked about and, ultimately acted on. By understanding the human truth behind the how and why shoppers make choices in a constantly reinventing retail world, we surprise, engage, and connect your audience with your brand. We tell your brand's story and express its character through a story that closely aligns with who shoppers are.

We help you covert consumers to shoppers with strategy led creative stories that, connect, inspire and get your brand buzzing.