Our services span far and wide but our focus is laser sharp. Our original and synergistic approach to client campaigns ensures we are always one step in front of the media curve…which is a good place to be if you want to lead the conversation. 

We help identify the key selling points of your brand, and tell your story effectively through relevant print, digital and broadcast media. We uncover the story your audience wants to hear, serve it with relish to key influencers, and savour the free impressions and exposure your brand receives. 

This is the age of transparency. The availability of information that consumers have access to is unprecedented. In a world of information overload we believe that true stories from real people cut through the clutter can provide a refreshing take your audience wants to hear.

We make sure substance is what defines style.


We are not big believers in blasting out press releases and seeing what coverage sticks. There is a time and a place for that. Our primary focus is on developing pitches, making tailored outreaches to individual reporters, producers and journalists, and securing organic editorial coverage that is strategic, targeted and valuable.

We work with key influencers and celebrities to initiate relevant product placements. Helping get your brand in the hands of relevant bloggers, influencers, and high-profile content creators to increase your web presence, consumer awareness and engagement, and drive traffic back to your brand.

We work with you to develop an effective strategy, choose the right words and identify the influencers that matter.


Our goal is to orchestrate a branded experience that tells the story of your brand in a unforgettable way that excites the media and your community. We want to bring your ideas to life in the real word.

We thrive on the thrill of the new, and can create the perfect event for you. We bring our planning skills and unfailing enthusiasm to build and sustain the kind of interest that consistently meets your business's targets. We handle all of the event details everything from securing the right venue, to planning the décor, securing sponsorship, facilitating all front of house duties on the day of the event, even the little details like your gift bags.

We do everything to help bring the passion of your story to life.



At Tru-Stories, we place the digital markers that set your project running on social media and the internet. Digital Marketing, SEO (Organic Search) and Social Media are essential in today’s consumer landscape, and we amplify your brand through holistic campaigns.

We conceptualize and implement your digital and social media strategy on different platforms so that it is consistent and in line with your PR strategy. Typically, this includes content creation, blogger outreach and blogger seeding, and collaborations with social media influencers. We get your product in the hands of relevant bloggers, influencers, and high-profile content creators to increase your web presence, consumer awareness and engagement, and drive traffic back to your brand.

Our social media campaigns help develop audiences and promote loyalty. We are interested in results as well as making social chat, so we use visual tools, technology and our succinct style to meet your needs.


Dealing rapidly, correctly, comprehensively and objectively with a disaster or crisis is the critical first step in meeting the challenges it presents. Communicating with, and coordinating among, all affected groups is a key element in that process. Our experienced PR crisis communications management team is  specialized in the area of crisis preparedness, management and communication, containment and crisis recovery.
Speed is even more crucial in the real-time news cycle of the web. We help you devise a plan of action to manage immediate demands for information from many sources, to adapt to a fast moving agenda, and more importantly, to lay the groundwork for the work that must come after to ensure that stability returns.
We are the team that holds your reputation as dear as our own.