The courage to dare

At Tru-Stories we work with small and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurs helping them find their story. Because we believe your brand story is everything, it's what makes you stand out. It's also what we cunningly get your audience to fall in love with, it's what makes you matter.

We lead with your story, designing solutions around your story that help enrich the value you offer to your audience. We take a holistic approach to branding to design brands that surprise, engage and charge your audience, and help you win in the market. Meaningful thinking becomes tangible through design and behavior-changing creative ideas. 

We help you create stories that matter.

Orchestrating the unforgettable

We create timeless expressions through innovative designs that make an impact for your brand. Today’s world is fast paced, fragmented, on demand and as a result visually led. We create compelling brand identity systems, In a space where attention is scarce, we dazzle, surprise and add value to your brand by creating brand identities that have character, meaning and longevity. Helping your brand disrupt in today's multi-channelled demands and multi-voiced consumers is what we do.

We are passionate about typography, color, visual messaging, tone of voice, photography and illustrative style, the feel of your business cards, the quality of your presentation deck to the finishes of your packaging design. No matter the project, every detail and element play their part in telling your story. We help you win hearts and minds, evoke confidence, build trust, and increase advocacy, ultimately driving sales and success.

We break through the clutter through unforgettable expressions,


When your customer is physically interacting with your brand their attention is for a moment yours, you cannot miss this opportunity. That's why no matter if you're a startup or an established brand, if you need a brochure designed or a brand manifesto, we are here to make sure that you're telling an authentic story that engages the shopper. We achieve this through great copywriting, beautiful design, tactile substrates and finishes, as well as stunning illustration, photography and signposting throughout.

From paper weight to finishes, binding to sustainable substrates, we look after every detail to deliver on the promises instilled by your brand. 


Whatever message you want to convey, we use our photographic expertise to encapsulate the moment, leading immediate weight to your campaigns with imagery that tells a story. Whatever kind of shot you require, from hard-hitting to amusing, we can capture the moment perfectly.

Whether you looking to improve your current photographic assets, or need to completely redevelop your visual identity, we deliver the best solutions.