October 3, 2017
How Can You Leverage Gamification For Your Small Business?
by tru-stories,

Big brands around the world have built empires based on gamification principles. Have a look at FourSquare, SalesForce, Samsung Nation, their success is largely based on their ability to incorporate game mechanics and elements in non-game contexts in order to transform their businesses. Gamification is not expensive to implement nor is it complex, businesses and brands of all sizes can utilise this tactic.

But let’s understand what exactly is Gamification?

It’s in our nature to be competitive, and many of us take part in some form of game on a regular basis. Be it team sports, opening Candy Crush on the tube, or playing board games with family and friends. Gamification simply takes these elements and mechanics of games and incorporates them into everyday activities in order to make them more interesting. Think frequent flyer programs, FourSquare, or even your profile completeness bar on LinkedIn, all of these incorporate some game characteristics such as badges, rewards, achievements, leaderboards, or visual progress to encourage actions through a positive feedback loop. Implementing these game mechanics and elements into areas like marketing or training can drive engagement skyward while also allowing for better data collection results, as people are more willing to provide correct and relevant information when they are invested in a game.

What Tru-Stories can do for you?

We have worked with start-ups, small businesses, and passionate entrepreneurs, our experience has seen many problems solved through simple gamification implementation. Most of these issues and goals that needed to be solved fell into two categories, customer gamification or employee gamification.

Customer Gamification

Typically the majority of our customer-oriented gamification work relates to reward programs and repeat customers on social media platforms. Where repeat customers gain points for each action they complete and once they reach a certain stage receive a prize. We find this drives the need to complete all stages, boosts engagement, and creates the desire to win.

Employee Gamification

Our employee-based gamification solutions are a fun and interesting way to build competition amongst sales teams, improve employee satisfaction and engagement, and encourage team building, all while reducing business costs. We have worked on solutions that implemented a point based sales system where at certain sales levels trophies and badges were awarded to top performers, which were then easily exchanged for rewards. No matter your business goals we can work with you to find solutions. Contact Tru-Stories today to start the game of business success.  


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