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9 Steps to Great Social Media Imagery

The right image on social media can do wonders for your brand.

But don't think this is some task to be overlooked; in today's world every brand interaction is an opportunity to engage with your audience. While picking your imagery to tell your story may seem like a task simple enough, you want to make sure that your leaving a great first impression and narrating a story that resonates with your audience.

We are often asked by clients to use great imagery in our communications. As an advertising agency, we try to develop a methodology for everything we do so that we can consistently craft amazing stories over and over. Anyone these days can get themselves professional shot imagery, taking it to a new level and really capturing a moment through your imagery is an art form.

While we use examples taken from our portfolio, these steps apply to every type of imagery used for your social media content.

Just like every word in your slogan or motto serves a distinct purpose so must every image you use to convey your story. An image has to be used for a reason, to show beauty, to tell a story, to capture a moment. In this fast paced society, visual communication takes front stage as one of the most underrated, cost-efficient ways to improve your marketing efforts. While, it is impossible for an image to have every single one of the following characteristics, there are certainly some necessities to follow if you want to stand out from the crowd.

1 - Tell a Story

Sometimes you are lucky enough to be at the right place at the right time; lucky enough to freeze a moment in history for everyone to witness.

2 - Capture Emotion

Compelling imagery that showcases emotion and timeless moments will always get your audience to pay attention on a more personal level.

3 - Must be a Great Composition

Follow common rules and techniques like the rule of 3rds and rules of symmetry if you’re having a hard time with a solid composition. For the more experienced, you can also try the not-so-common techniques involving asymmetric compositions using object balancing, leading lines and framing.

4 - Spark Imagination

An image that leaves something for our minds to figure out, or allows us to create our own story. This type of imagery does well by leaving us guessing and creating an ending in our minds.

5 – Be Unique

Unique can vary according to your audience. While women walking in traditional kimonos in Japan may be common to see, such an occurrence isn’t so common and therefore is automatically more interesting to a European audience.

6 – Use Contrasting Concepts

Imagery that puts contrasting objects and concepts can lead to some amazing photography. Notice the natural beauty and bright colours of a flower shot in front of a dull city skyscraper background help highlight the subject.

7 – Unique Lighting And Colour

Sunsets and sunrises in nature fill dull scenes with texture and life, we can also replicate this with proper knowledge of basic studio lighting techniques and photo-manipulation software, to bring new life to your social media content.

8 – Shows Unnoticed Detail

Capturing unseen detail in an image can be enough to stop today’s hurried population, enough to make someone stop and smell the roses.

9 – Change Perspectives

Most of us view life, the world with relatively the same perspective; changing your perspective to something out of the ordinary can often create a much more interesting image.

With today's time pressured consumer, visual communication is ever so important, helping to convey your brand story in a more easily digestible format. Using these 9 steps in creating your social media content will help you gain the attention of your audience. If your interested in understand why integrating visual content into your marketing strategy and communication is a must, have a read of our article here.